At Affordable Santa Ana Movers, we are committed to catering for all your moving needs. Our company offers all moving services that you might need when making that move. We are the best moving company in town because we have incorporated all services to give you the best in moving arenas. When you come to us,your experience will be wonderful. You will appreciate the professional and helpful staff, punctual delivery and most importantly, reasonable pricing.

We also offer other exclusive services, rather that just taking you to your new destination fast, secure and at unbeatable budget. These services include,


The fact of the matter is that, many people who are moving need storage while they are between homes. Having to coordinate both moving and storage is indeed a big hassle, and not forgetting that you have to load and unload your things into trucks and storage facilities multiple times, and this can make you so stressed. At Affordable Santa Ana Movers, this is one of the areas we are keenly looking into and come up with lasting solutions. We also understand that there are people who hire separate moving service and self storage service, why all do this when Affordable Santa Ana Movers offers both combined into one solution.

With Affordable Santa Ana Movers, it’s easy and a bit different. Whether you are looking for self storage solutions, moving services or both, Affordable Santa Ana Movers puts in control. We will bring a Affordable Santa Ana Movers container unit right to your door. You can take your time packing, in our case; we will do that for you. When all the packing process is ready, well pick it up and store it in one of our many secure, clean local storage centers. You can access your things with 24hours notice at the storage center or we will even bring it back to you when you need to remove or add items. When you are ready to move into your new home, we will do all the driving and deliver it to your new location, whether it’s across town or across the country. Then we will take the pleasure of unloading the storage container together with your moving unit.

Our convenient moving and storage services allow you to take all the time you needfor loading and unloading your secure grand size container. Contact us to see how our moving storage facility can save you time and money


Planning well in advance is so important when you are moving to ensure you just get everything on the go. It is well believed that proper packing will increase the chances of your moving becoming a success.. When all your things are properly packed, it means that you do not have to worry about losing anything while on the move. This also guarantees that your belongings reach your destination safely and in their intact condition. Proper packing also ensures that you arrange your belongings according to the category they belong to; and this helps since no space will be wasted or unused. The number of boxes will determine the moving cost low. So here are some packing tips which will surely help you move without any hitches.

You need to plan early. If you are thinking to move, it is advisable to start planning early. Make a packing plan before you move so to make your moving experience smooth. You should get enough packing supplies and materials early in the planning stages so as to ensure that you do not struggle trying to find packing supplies. It is always advised to start collecting packing supplies about four weeks before moving. You can start packing items which you do not need or use a month ahead of schedule. You can also sort through your belongings so that you can know where to place each item.

Make an inventory. About one month ahead of your scheduled move, you should go through your home and note down all valuable items which you need. You can have visual aids such as pictures to help you know which products you have. It is also important to write descriptions of your belongings when taking down the inventory jotting down information such as serial numbers and store this in a binder.

Label your boxes clearly. This is very important, and when you devise a clever labelling system, it will ensure that you do not misplace anything. You should take your time and label all the boxes or if you find it difficult you can purchase box labels and stick them on the boxes. This is to help you when unloading and unpacking easier.

Proper cleaning and Landry; It is important that you do your laundry days in advance so that you do not have any dirty clothes. You need to clean your blankets, toys and clothes so that you can move well into your new home. Dirt does not and will never mix with cleanliness, that’s why we believe your dirty clothes should be packed somewhere separate.

Set aside what you need

It is important that you set aside the different products which you may require when you first move into your new home. These may include toiletries, clothes and food. It’s also important to note that each room has different requirements in terms of packing. The kitchen may require a dish pack and careful packing of glassware and some fragile items. The living room the stretch wrapping of furniture and packing of fragile electronics and breakables. The bedroom may require a packing of larger, lighter items such as pillows, bedspreads and clothing. As each room has different packing needs, it’s essential to take these into consideration when packing to develop the best plan of action.

House packing does not have to take up your entire day and cause unnecessary stress if you plan ahead. As we have seen before, you should gather all the necessary so that you have everything on hand as you start to pack and organize your belongings. Most used items. Pack these last, prior to moving day.

Color code/Numbering.Color code or number each box and list its contents electrically or on paper. If you have already packed your toaster and desperately needs to use it: It will be easy to find if you know that, for instance its in the box number five labelled kitchen.

Organize floor plan. List boxes to help organize the plan of your new home for the movers. The movers will know exactly where each box should go in your new homemaking items, easier for you to find when you arrive.

Set aside important items. Personal and important items should be set aside to take with you during your relocation.


Now this is the meaning of full time moving; when you choose Affordable Santa Ana Movers, you get professionals focused on every aspect of your move. We are not like other relocation companies that hand off to other providers. We take a hands-on-approach, we will bring our own highly trained staff, come with our own equipment, and very importantly, the knowledge skills that we have in this industry. Affordable Santa Ana Movers will therefore be responsible for every aspect of your move. You will begin to enjoy quality and excellent service from the go; that is when you call us, all the way to packing your items, loading and making sure every item is delivered, unpacked and placed where you want it.We are here to serve you in this moving industry. We will do everything that you need at an amazingly reduced cost. Our full service services include:

  1. Taking inventory-we documents all cartons and separate items, writing descriptions of each.
  2. Loading the trucks.-We make sure everything is carefully placed in our spacious vans for that journey
  3. Shipment tracking-We monitor the transportation of your possessions using advanced satellite and information system.
  4. Placing Your Furniture-Just as you would expect it from a full service company, we will place all the furniture in their areas,as you sit back watching,or guiding us.
  5. Unpacking-If you choose Affordable Santa Ana Movers,we will unpack every plate,cup,glass and spoon and take away the packing material when we leave.